What Is Loam Soil and How Do Make It for Garden

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Loam soil is the best choice for planting because it contains all the necessary elements of the soil. Loam soil is a mixture of 40 percent sand, 40 percent slit, and 20 percent clay.

The soil’s elements pack together well. When you think about growing plants in a home garden, tubs, or in pots, loam soil helps you lot for better growing plants. However, it’s necessary to add organic fertilizer to loam soil for better cultivation and planting.

Loam soil contains ideal soil composition and It’s good enough for most garden plants.


Sand has lot’s types of particles and gives good aeration. The sand provides loamy soil to drain well so that enough air can reach a plant’s roots, even after spring thaws heavy rainfall.

The sand keeps loam soil from being compacted, which is important because compacted soil reduces air circulation to the root zone and thus allows rainfall or irrigation to run off, which boosts instances of erosion. Also, Sand is the vital part of a loam soil for make it faster to warm up soil for spring planting.


Clay particles are very well and contains water and nutrients well, but sand you can’t have it.

The nature of clay is it reduces the dryness of the soil. Loam soil contains the perfect amount of clay. So when you planting on sandy soil no need to use excessive water and fertilizer.

In addition, clay improves soil moisture and it holds nutrients rich elements like magnesium, potassium, and calcium.


Slit particles feature qualities that fall between those of clay and sand. Slit feels smooth and powdery and is one of the most fertile types of soil. Like Clay, it holds nutrients and water better than sand does.

Slit contains not only minerals such as quarts but also organic elements, which helps with plant growth better. Slit soils do not clump easily and have a slightly slippery texture.

Slits are rare types of soil elements and naturally, you don’t find slits in the garden.

Texture and Yield

It’s a medium-textured grains soil and that’s easy to feel and see. For the dry weather, loam soil helpful for planting because naturally, it’s soft and friable.

Loam is suitable for many types of crops so it’s easier to grow plants with loam soil. Practically all farm crops which include corn, potatoes, small fruits, cereals, grasses, and alfalfa grow efficiently on loam. Economically loam soil gives higher yields when you comparing with other soil types. Most plants grow the best in loamy soil.

Combination of Loam Soil

We know Loam soil is composed of 3 kinds of soil: – sand, silt, and clay. The combination of these three in the same volume will result in the perfect soil, compatible with almost all kinds of plants.

Of these three, and is the largest particle, although it cannot absorb moisture, it does provide good soil aeration.

Silt is finer than sand used in construction. It absorbs moisture better because it is more refined, and it also helps to combine sand and clay.

Clay is the smallest particle compared to the two mentioned. Therefore, it has the ability to retain moisture and be able to store nutrients.

As we mentioned earlier, loam soil is not made because it is a naturally soil composition. What we did was just imitation of the natural loam soil.

Loam soil does not end up mixing sand, silt, and clay, it should be rich in organic matters, and this happens in a long process.

So, if we mix sand, silt, and clay, it has no nutrients, we need to add materials to make our planting soil more fertile.

How to Make Loam Soil

  • At first Place 3 parts of soil in a tray
  • Add 1 part of rice hull or cocopeat
  • Next mix 1 part of carbonized rice hull
  • Then add 1 part of worm cast or animal manure and any other organic fertilizers
  • Mix well, and after that, you have your own loam soil and it’s also called garden soil


Just a reminder, loam soil consists of only 3 things, sand, silt, and clay. When we put other materials like worm cast, rice hull, etc. it is no longer loam soil, but also garden soil. This is also what you can use to grow seeds.

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