January Gardening: Things to Do by Region

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Here in our country January is known as a lazy month, as everyone says nothing that much to do in the garden in January. Most of the areas remain frozen this time of the year.

From all the countries America is the biggest one so, winter may come here, but because of the geographical position, all the areas don’t freeze as same.

Those areas were categorized as USDA Hardiness zones, maintaining the order from most cold to less cold. Those zones were divided from 1-10.

The scenery of the outdoor gardens of the zones 1-7 is when workless and frozen, on the other side the gardeners of zones 8-10 are enjoying warm rainy weather in their garden.

So, there’s a big chance for the gardeners of frost-free zones to be active on outdoor gardening during January. It’s not liked the gardeners of frozen areas have nothing to do.

When there, outside the gardeners, remain at home during days. So, enough time play with some indoors as some perennials gardening or getting some seeds ready for later transplant.

We listed the things to do in January in your garden during winter by the region. Let’s have a look!

Common tasks to do in every garden

The process of gardening may vary according to the climate condition of weather, but there are some everyday tasks to do in every garden in every part of the country.

  • Check your stock, if you have enough seeds remaining for you later gardening. Select them by the place where you want to plant them either outdoors or indoors.
  • Clean your indoor seed racks and make them ready. Check on the nurseries nearby if anything new is there.
  • Try to decorate the area in a new style. Remember what you planted last year and make some changes to the design. Try to add more color with colorful plants.
  • Keep your earlier stored seeds for later plantation always on a check. As winter dries everything fast keep spraying on them. Otherwise, they can get rotten.
  • Clean the areas of your garden, which are not frozen. The surface can get slippery later if anything rots under the ice.
  • Clean the bird feeders and continue feeding them. It gets hard for them to find food in the winter cold.
  • Good chance to increase your knowledge of gardening by doing extra courses, reading some papers and others. Do it.
  • Get your tools ready by sharpening them.

Tasks in frozen areas (Zones 1-7)

In these zones, ’ temperature remains so low. So, gardening is quite tricky in these zones. Every step should be measured to be successful in these zones.

  • Start growing some seeds to sprout as they need stratification. Not all the seeds sprout so fast.
  • Plant some veggies like slow-growing vegetables like cauliflower, leeks, and also some flower plants like petunias, nicotiana, snapdragons, etc. these are specially for the areas of zone 7.
  • Fence your garden areas to protect your plants from wild animals.
  • Check your plants indoor doesn’t get infected by insects or pest. Keep them pest-free.
  • Good time for trimming the trees you have.

Tasks in Northern California and the Pacific Northwest areas

  • Check your beds have enough of the Mulch, if not add some more.
  • Cover your plant rows with some removable covers to protect them from the severe winter cold.
  • Good time to plant some roses also with some fruit plants. But remember to water them regularly.
  • Planting some Asparagus and Artichokes can come with some better results.
  • Give a trimming to your rose plants.

Tasks in Southern California

  • Use the pesticides which are not harmful to other animals and make your plant’s pest-free.
  • Plant some winter veggies and flowers and keep watering them regularly.
  • Trim your roses and other fruit trees.

Tasks in Southwest areas

  • Here you can now sow the winter veggies like carrots, radishes, and other greens.
  • Good time to grow some Asparagus.
  • Trim your grape trees and roses.
  • Plant something which needs more time to sprout for later plantation.
  • Keep watering your plants regularly.

Tasks in Florida

  • Trim your dormant roses. Also, the Raspberries after they finish up fruiting.
  • Plant some quick growing winter veggies like spinach and radishes.
  • Start growing some slow-growing vegetables.

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