How To Make A Zen Garden: For Ultimate Peace

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If the question is, which is the place in your house you feel most relaxed? The answer will be ‘the garden’.

By using the Zen formula in your garden, you can make it a more comfortable and relaxing one.  Zen method can make turn it into a meditation friendly zone.

Zen garden is a form of gardening introduced in japan. It looks so simple, as its not only a place of trees. It is a place where not only the trees but the gardeners can also have a good time.

This type of gardens has less plants in them. Also, less colors, but you can add a combination of smooth coloring if you want.

Zen gardens have their standards in their simplicity. They may look easier to make because of their simple looks and appearance.

But they are as hard to make as hard to maintain, as they need to be kept in the discipline. To make a beautiful, standard and really traditional Zen garden you must need a perfect guideline.

And also have tricks to make the tasks easier. So, we are with its origin and making methods to help you to turn your backyard into a Zen garden.

Know what a Zen garden is?

Zen garden is actually a symbolical type of garden made in the theme of real landscapes and invented in japan. This kind of garden can be called a miniature clone of real landscapes.

Japan is a country mostly surrounded by islands and mountains and the people of japan just enjoy the beauty of nature and to appreciate the natural beauty of their country they make the Zen gardens.

In the Zen garden, there is surface created by gravels to symbolize the sea, rocks in the sides and middle of different sizes to symbolize the mountains, miniature island-like heights created with different types of plants, and spring made with bamboos to symbolize waterfalls are the.

Zen gardens are a symbol of peace and beauty. Earlier Buddhist monks used to make these gardens in the temples not only for beauty but to have a perfect place for meditation. They used to meditate there.

They are also known as “Japanese rock gardens”. They are characterized by their stark and artistic quality differently.

Zen gardens are not just gardens, to make a Zen garden is a form of art and knowing the right way to approach you also can be a gen garden artist.

Choose the right place

To make a Zen garden the choice of the area should have to be a perfect one. So, you have to choose it right.

First, select a flat area 10*8 or 12*10 feet in your backyard. It would be good if the area is surrounded by trees.

As the traditional Zen gardens were actually used for meditation they were made in a remote walled place. If you do not have any area walled like that and also cannot afford a masonry wall in your backyard use some lattice fence to cover the area.

Select the place where shade and sun fall equally, so you can plant sun-loving and shade-loving plants both.

It would be better if the place you selected has trees and bushes in it.

Tools you will need

  • Wooden Zen rake
  • Shovel
  • Hoe
  • Tape measure
  • String, string level, and stakes
  • Tamper
  • Landscape fabric
  • Edging stones
  • Back brace, work gloves
  • White gravel
  • Rocks in a variety of sizes and shapes
  • Steel garden rake

Suitable plants

  • Corkscrew rush
  • Chinese lanterns
  • Pachysandra
  • Ferns
  • Chinese junipers
  • Evergreen azaleas
  • Bamboo
  • Crimson Queen Japanese maple
  • Silk tree
  • Creeping thyme
  • Moss
  • Mondo grass and lilyturf
  • Deutzia
  • Snow Fountains weeping cherry
  • Umbrella pine
  • Miniature pines
  • Pagoda dogwood

Steps to prepare your Zen garden

  1. Make sure to clean up the area you have selected for your Zen garden. Clean everything and every part of the area. Cleanliness is very important for a Zen garden.
  2. After cleaning just use the shovel and remove 3-4 inches of soil from the area you selected and make the surface plain.
  3. Make sure that the level is plain fully. Use your string level to measure it up. Make sure that the level is accurate in every corner.
  4. Now use the garden rake and clear up the uneven spots by raking it.
  5. Now lay the landscape fabric over the soil and mark up the spots where you want to put things like the stones.
  6. Use the cobblestones and tight up the edges of the soil so it doesn’t break. Also, apply the lattice fencing if needed.
  7. Now dig holes in your earlier spotted areas and put the stones on it which represents the mountains.
  8. Also, you can dig holes if you want to plant something and just plant it.
  9. Finish placing every stone and plant in their place. Make sure that the stones are put in the right place because you have to maintain the standard of your Zen garden.
  10. Now apply the white gravel on your garden.
  11. Spread them equally through the whole garden with the hoe and now with the rake make it prepared by giving it a finishing touch.

So, your Zen garden is ready for you to enjoy your blissful meditation. This was just a basic idea of how to make a Zen garden. You can make it more precious by using your own ornamental sense of gardening.

And, always try to keep your Zen garden clean because its beauty lies in its cleanliness.

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