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Today we are talking about Creeping Charlie. Commonly it’s called Creeping Charlie but botanically this plant is plectranthus australis and it is called Swedish ivy also.

It is one of the most common weeds to find in the yard creeping Charlie tough to get rid of but it can be done.

Today I’m telling here on how to get rid of Creeping Charlie or ground ivy.

First Step Mow Your Lawn

how-to-reduce-creeping-charlie-1-opzThe first step is mowing your lawn.  Mow the lawn because we need to cut the grass down.

Usually, people want to cut the grass down but that’s not the correct way because it’s going to damage some of the Creeping Charlie leaves which will open them up to allow them to soak.

Second Step Use Borax Mixture

In our treatments a little bit better and a little bit faster so that’s number one just give a nice cut okay. now for the second step is simply you need to go to your local grocery store and get 20 Mule Team

That’s awesome, for this you need to mix five ounces of borax

in one gallon of water that’s going to give you just the right amount. Now how does borax work?

Well, borax contains boron and boron is an essential micronutrient but when you apply too much more on to a plant it could actually have the opposite effect and cause toxicity and kill the plant so you need to be careful because you can also harm your turfgrass.

But the good news is that the ground ivy is going to be more susceptible to an overdose of boron than is the grass.

how-to-reduce-creeping-charlie-use-borax-3-opzOnce you have your borax mixture go ahead and put that into a spray bottle.

So, we need to get a spray bottle that’s a little bit higher quality that can create a super fine mist.

The idea here with this application is we need the finest mist possible.  So, get the spray bottle from Walmart or Amazon and it was like three bucks but it’s exactly what you need.

So, once you have that mixed up you basically just need to put a fine mist across the whole area where the Creeping Charlie exists then let it dry for 1 hour before proceeding to the next.

Third Step Use a Weed Control Solution

how-to-reduce-creeping-charlie-use-borax-4-opzyou just need to get a regular lawn and garden pump-up sprayer with a fan tip nozzle so go ahead and mix your favorite weed control up as according to its label directions.  for sure you want to get a weed control that contains two for D&I Campa.

Kill Creeping Charlie Organically

Now we’re going to talk about an organic way of taking care of Creeping Charlie so the very first thing you’re gonna want to do is you’re gonna want to pull Creeping Charlie out by the roots. Get as much of it out as you possibly can.

The next thing that you’re gonna wants to suffocate it now.

This is the part that a lot of people mess up they think you know if I cut black plastic down black will block out the sunlight it will prevent the plant if there’s any left going through photosynthesis producing its food growing etc.

The problem with black plastic is it doesn’t allow the plants to breathe and yeah, you’re gonna kill your creep in Charlie but you’re gonna kill a lot of other things too.

So, if you have a really bad infestation of Creeping Charlie what you suggest to do is to pull it up and pick cardboard down put mulch on top of that now.

The reason I go with that approach is that cardboard will block out the Sun but it allows water to percolate down through it.

It also allows oxygen exchange in the soil so you’re not gonna suffocate plant material out because you

used a substance that doesn’t allow natural processes to happen.

The other thing I like about using cardboard is it breaks down so it will provide organic matter to your plants which is always a good thing.


Give these all technique a try if you’ve got Creeping Charlie early spring is a great time to go ahead and start doing that.

Instead of wait until later it’s a little chilly to do it but it’s if you got a Creeping Charlie this is the time of year that you need to handle it.

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