How to Dry Hydrangea Blossom to Last Longer

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Hydrangeas are one of the most beautiful Spring Flowers that grows in different varieties of colors and beautiful bunches.

These flowers have artistic beauty, and their beauty can be preserved for a long period by properly drying them.

If the drying method is proper, the color of the dried hydrangeas retains for a long period and can add some more beauty to your indoor decorations.

There are several methods to dry up Hydrangeas, but the method ‘water drying’ is the most effective, easy, and time-saving one.

Proper Drying time

As said earlier, hydrangeas can be dried and used in different ways. Dried Hydrangeas make beautiful home décor items.

To get better results from the hydrangeas means proper shape and color, there is a certain time and season to collect.

Only when they are collected in perfect season and time, they come up with better results. The ideal time to collect the live Hydrangeas is the end of their blooming season.

From August to October, the larger petals of these flowers start to change their colors. The biggest challenge to face when drying hydrangeas is not the time when you are processing the flowers but the time when you have to cut the flowers.

If the flowers are collected too early, then they can be the moisty one with which you may face complexity to drying. If very late, then the flowers may lose their color and become brown earlier.

So the perfect time is the middle of the season when the flowers are not too young and not too old. Keep in mind, and water drying is an easy and fast method.

It’s not possible to get everything at a time at a place. The water drying method is the fastest to get results but the flowers may not last for long or remain in color for a longer period.

And one more thing is, do not try to dry the Hydrangeas during the rainy season as the atmosphere itself remains moisty so the flowers don’t dry and fade early.

Things will be needed

Drying Hydrangeas is one of the easiest and cost-free processes. Very few stuff you will need, and once dried, the flowers can be used for almost one year-round. The things needed are:

  • A scissor
  • A beautiful vase
  • Flower to work on

Steps to follow

Step 1: prepare the flowers


The first step to start the drying process is to prepare the flowers properly.  The flowers need to be collected with a minimum of 12-20 inches of stem on them. The stems when in water will continue to supply water to the flowers and the color of the flowers will remain unharmed.

Once you finish collecting the flowers with stems on them of the size of your vase, prune all the leaves from them and make the stems clear and ready to use.

Step 2: place the Flowers

The first step to prune and prepare the flowers is done. Now its time to approach the most important step. This one is the step in which it depends how beautiful your Hydrangeas will look when dried.

Prepare your flower vase with filling half of it with fresh, clean water. Place the flowers on the watery vase. Make sure that a minimum of half of the stems is on the water.

Then keep the vase in some cool place out of direct sun exposure and let the water evaporate by the time. No need to add any extra water.

As time passes, the flowers will get dried with freshly preserved natural color. The drying process may take 2 to 3 weeks to be done.

Step 3: time to use


Once the process of drying is done, check them if they are fully prepared with your finger’s touch. If they are prepared to use place them on a beautiful vase and place them wherever you want to.

If you are not even satisfied with the natural color of the flowers, you can spray paint them to whatever color you like. Spraypainted ones also last for a longer period.

Extra tips

  • If not satisfied with the Water drying method, apply the air dry one. Take a rope and tie the hydrangeas in a dry airy place. You may not get the same color as water drying but will get beautiful dried hydrangeas for different use.
  • I want more color to apply the silica gel flower drying method which may take more time and you will have to take extra care. This technique may get you vivid color variants.
  • Lastly, it doesn’t matter how much you have given to the dried flowers or which technique you have applied to dry them. The color of the flowers will not last more than a year. But the spray-painted ones can be used for some more days.

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