When Is the Best Time to Plant Vegetables

By | Last Updated On: April 7, 2021 @ 11:02 am

Henry Homeyer from providencejournal said that I know some gardeners who plant their potatoes or tomatoes in the garden on the same day every year. Not me. I think planting time is best based not only on the last frost date in your garden, but also the soil temperature and up-to-date weather predictions. And, of course, late frosts do occur unexpectedly and can wipe out your tomato or pepper seedlings. So don’t jump the gun.

The internet has many guides and suggestions for when you should plant, but I think an experienced next-door neighbor probably has a better sense of when to plant. So, for example, one internet source says the last frost for Cornish Flat, New Hampshire, is May 15, while another says June 11 to 20. That’s over a month of difference! But perhaps an old-timer in your town can advise you, depending on your exact location.


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