Wellness Secrets To Growing Food Plants At Home

By | Last Updated On: March 31, 2021 @ 10:23 am

Jamie Gold from forbes said that Gardening grew in popularity during the pandemic, with many Americans having more free time at home, as well as a desire to eat more healthfully to boost their immunity. According to trade publication Greenhouse Product News and Axiom Marketing’s 2021 Garden Survey, 86% of homeowners plan to continue gardening in 2021 and 47% say they will be planting more.

Since not everyone has an expansive outdoor gardening space, indoor gardening (favored by 46%) and container gardening (enjoying 32% popularity) have become accepted ways to grow herbs, greens, vegetables and other food plants.

There are ways to combine both in kitchen or patio gardening, but these can potentially present challenges for cultivators, particularly with maintaining the best soil for nutritious produce.


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