Vertical Gardening Makes Most of Limited Ground Space

By | Last Updated On: June 21, 2021 @ 3:20 am

theadanews said that Things are looking up for gardening enthusiasts who want to think outside of the box – literally – and those with limited ground area for traditional gardens to grow fruits, vegetables and flowers.

Growing plants vertically expands possibilities for garden spaces, said David Hillock, Oklahoma State University Extension consumer horticulturist. Although plants naturally reach vertically toward sunlight, vertical in this case refers to the surfaces they grow along.

“Vertical gardening is a great way to take advantage of empty vertical space such as walls or fences, or even free-standing structures. This is a unique way to add visual interest,” Hillock said. “In addition, vertical gardening has potential benefits for senior citizens or those who may live in apartments with only a balcony for outside space or in a home with a small yard.”


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