Tomato Sweetening Tips Secret Reveals

By | Last Updated On: July 5, 2021 @ 4:16 am

Amy Grant from gardeningknowhow said that Tomatoes are likely the most commonly grown home garden crop. Maybe it’s because of the sheer variety available or maybe it’s because of the myriad of uses to which tomatoes can be consumed.

In any case, growing sweet tomatoes can be quite an obsession with some, each year trying to figure out how to make tomatoes sweeter than the year before.

Is there a secret to sweet tomatoes? It turns out that there is a secret component to tomato sweetening. Read on to find out how to grow sweeter tomatoes.

All tomato varieties are not equal in the level of fruit sweetness. Homegrown doesn’t necessarily equal sweeter tasting. It turns out there are a number of factors in play with relation to tomato sweetening.

The sweetness of a tomato is comprised of plant chemistry and other variables such as temperature, soil type and the amount of rain and sun given to the plant while growing.

A balance of acidity and sugar are what make a tomato a tomato, and for some, those with a lower level of acidity and a higher level of sugar make for the best fruit. Scientists have actually been doing research to unlock the secret to sweet tomatoes.

According to them, good tomato flavor is a blend of sugars, acids and rather baffling chemicals that we smell and equate with a prime tomato.

They call these “aroma volatiles” and have mapped out more than 3,000 of them amongst over 152 varieties of heirloom tomatoes.


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