Spring Gardening Savvy Tips to Save You Time and Money

By | Last Updated On: April 18, 2021 @ 1:10 am

Jane Perrone from theguardian said that Gardening is always a process of experimentation: you will kill some plants along the way while others thrive in a way you may never have expected. But by doing some research before you head online or to the garden centre, you can save yourself wasting lots of time and money on projects that will only disappoint.

The key to being a savvy gardener is weighing up your time, budget, expertise level and the nature of your space to work out what you can grow and how.

Here’s an example: it may seem cheaper to grow tomatoes from seed, given a packet sets you back about £2, but do you have space to nurture dozens of small plants? You will need to find a warm, light spot for your seedlings to grow indoors in the period before they can safely live outside 24/7 (mid to late May in the UK).


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