RHS in Bid to Mobilise Biggest Gardening Army

By | Last Updated On: September 14, 2021 @ 1:23 am

enfieldindependent.co.uk said that The charity aims to help the UK’s 30 million gardeners take action in their own backyard to cut greenhouse gas emissions and boost wildlife in efforts to help tackle the climate and nature crises.

Gardeners are being encouraged to take planet-friendly actions such as plant trees, use rainwater to water plants, go peat-free, plant blooms for pollinators and pull up a paving slab to create more space for growing perennials.

The RHS said its research shows that if every gardener planted a medium-sized tree and nurtured it to maturity, it would store the carbon equivalent of driving 11 million times round the planet.

And if all green-fingered householders made an average of 190kg of compost a year – the amount that gardeners who do compost make on average – it would save the equivalent carbon to heating half a million homes, compared to the manufacture and transport of shop-bought compost, the RHS said.


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