Rapid Climbers Are Tropical Butterflies of a Summer Garden

By | Last Updated On: March 31, 2021 @ 10:23 am

Fionnuala Fallon from irishtimes said that In much the same way I enjoy the simple, quick-fix, rush of carbs-to-the-head pleasure of an occasional takeaway, I also appreciate the charms of what you might call fast gardening.

An example is annual climbers, a rapid-growing, highly ornamental, easy-to-cultivate group of plants if ever there was one. Sweet peas are the best known members of this merry band with their Jack-in-the-Beanstalk ability to scramble up a sunny wall, fence, trellis, arbour, pergola or willow wigwam so quickly that within a few short months it’s covered in tall, dense swathes of their intensely scented, colourful blooms.

Hardy annuals, the young plants will even take a surprising degree of frost – as low as -5 degrees – and are best planted into their permanent positions in the garden at this time of year so that they have plenty of time to get their roots deeply in the ground. As greedy feeders, they need a fertile, moisture-retentive but free-draining soil enriched with plenty of well-rotted manure and/or homemade garden compost.


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