All You Need to Know About Keyhole Gardening

By | Last Updated On: August 18, 2021 @ 2:24 am

Glenda Taylor from bobvila said that Keyhole gardens, so named because they’re shaped like an old-fashioned skeleton-key lock, were developed to help folks with less-than-super soil grow nutritious produce.

They were first established in the 1990s for residents of Lesotho, a small nation in southern Africa subject to frequent droughts and soil erosion.

Keyhole gardening proved successful in providing a reliable source of food for the people of Lesotho, and the concept has spread across the globe. Read on to understand how these small, smart gardens work—and all it takes to start one of your own.

The traditional keyhole garden is a raised circular garden bed with a wedge-shaped cutout along one side that allows easy access to the center of the garden, where a cage serves as a compost pile.

The cage is filled with yard and kitchen waste, which decomposes and releases vital nutrients into the rest of the raised garden.


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