Jingle Bell Flowers Start with Your Garden

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bagoys said that If you have enjoyed the Lifetime Holiday movie, the Jingle Bell Bride, as we have, then you may have immediately started looking for pictures of the elusive Jingle Bell Flowers that united Jessica and Matt in this magical Christmas movie.

We hate to be the bearer of bad news, but no such flower exists. Fortunately, the creative minds at Bagoy’s Floral and Home here in Anchorage are delighted to guide you through the next best things, available with nationwide delivery from our shop to your door.

Grow Your Own Jingle Bells
A classic holiday plant that offers stunning blooms twice a year is the Christmas Cactus, otherwise known as the Zygocactus. This is an easy to care for plant with animated magenta flowers that will be sure to brighten your house this holiday season. As a classic holiday gift with architecturally stunning petals, it can always be your own “Jingle Bell” flower.

It’s a wonderfully thoughtful gift for your loved ones this holiday season, or a fun way to brighten your own home!

Start Your Garden with Jingle Bell FuchsiaFuschia Christmas Cactus
The closest real-life flower to the coveted Jingle Bell Flowers featured in this new Christmas Classic is the Jingle Bell Fuchsia, a hardy plant that grows along the North West coast. From Seattle, Washington to Redondo Beach, California, you can enjoy this vibrant outdoor perennial that truly brings the vibrance of the tropics to your landscaping.

If you are an apartment dweller or out of its growing range, the Jingle Bell Fuschia also does fabulously as an indoor plant. With vibrant red stamen and delightfully scarlet hypanthium, the white plumage of their petals is a gorgeous touch to any decor.

Getting Jingle Bell Flowers | Advice From a Real Alaskan Florist


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