Improving Gardening Accessibility As You Age

By | Last Updated On: March 31, 2021 @ 10:23 am

Joyce Bupp and Sue Bowman said that Dedicated gardeners usually “dig it” for life. But, the physical challenges that so often accompany the retirement years may make it necessary for lifelong gardeners to rethink what, where and how they plant, to continue pursuing their love of growing things.

A “Gardening As You Age” webinar, sponsored by Penn State Extension and featuring Lebanon County master gardeners Mary Lott and Suzanne Fry, outlined tried-and-true methods for making gardening less physically strenuous. It proved to be a “hot” topic, with the presentation drawing more than 300 online attendees who logged in from all across Pennsylvania and several surrounding states.

“Do you have enough energy and time to garden?” Mary Lott quizzed the widespread audience. “If not, we hope we can help you make some changes to enable you to continue.”


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