Improve Your Tomato Garden Using Wood Ash

By | Last Updated On: September 3, 2021 @ 11:49 pm

Shivam Dwivedi from krishijagran said that Wood Ashes can be a great addition to your tomato garden as they will aid fertility. Wood ash is rich in potassium or potash which is a vital nutrient for crops. Now you must be wondering as to how to utilize all the wood ash effectively?

The most important thing here is that ‘wood-ash’ should be handled with proper care. Never place hot wood ash in your garden as it’s dangerous to your tender tomato plants and you run the risk of starting a fire. Therefore, always allow it to cool completely before use. And of course, always wear some kind of protection when handling wood ash.

There are various uses of wood ash in your tomato garden (and elsewhere) that’ll boost your plant’s growth and allow them to flourish fully. Wood ash plays important role in tomato cultivation.


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