How Gardening Revealed A Flaw In My Own Self-Care

By | Last Updated On: August 30, 2021 @ 11:40 pm

Amanda Bray Hinton from scarymommy said that My husband and I joined the ranks of eager first-time gardeners in 2020. We bought a small two-foot by eight-foot raised garden bed and set it up on a deck just outside our back door. It was our first season ever to try gardening and growing our own food, but as the old saying goes, “Being homebound in an international pandemic is indeed the mother of invention.”

We learned our first set of lessons in heart-breaking fashion: we began our seeds indoors, and when they needed to be up-potted into larger cell trays, we set those trays on the ground of our garage under some flimsy grow lights we had found on Amazon. The very next morning when we ran out to check on our little “plant babies,” we were greeted with a horror show.

Every single seedling had been eaten.

We had easily planted 100+ seedlings and in less than 24 hours we discovered that we had a family of voles who could shimmy their way into the garage and escape without leaving a trace.


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