Harvesting Your Own Seed Is One of Gardening

By | Last Updated On: August 26, 2021 @ 1:20 am

Allan Jenkins from theguardian said that We are getting deep into seed season. It’s time to think about harvesting some. There are few garden joys that beat growing food or flowers from seed you have saved yourself.

Note: this is not a call to stop shopping from favourite suppliers. They’ll need your help now more than almost ever before. Multiple lockdowns, let alone Brexit, are closing markets cultivated over years.

No matter how much I save it rarely affects how much seed I buy. I have little immunity to an interesting packet or to the itch to hoard more. This column is simply a call to keep your eyes alert for a perfect plant. And to sometimes let some of your crops live a fuller life.

An overwintered beetroot or chard has a beauty you’ll miss if everything’s only about eating. The same with leaving chicory to spike. Enjoy the metamorphosis. Tall shoots of astonishing flowers. Probably my favourite blue.


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