Gardening Vs Farming What’s The Main Difference

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Jodi Avery from farmhomestead said that As if to provoke the obvious question, “What is the difference?” I never asked. But had anyone asked if my father was a farmer, I would have said “no”. I just mindlessly agreed with him at the time. If I thought about it at all, my mind would have ran along the lines of “Farmers have thousands of acres to plant.” or “Farmers have tractors, we don’t.” These, the ideas of a 10 year old.

My father grew tomatoes, strawberries, potatoes, corn, squash, radishes, lettuces, and often, but not always carrots and beets. That is it. First rule of gardening, “Only grow what you will eat.” hmmm, that is NOT the first rule of farming.

My mother, on the other hand, had beautiful flowers and trees, spending much time in her yard. And while she may correct me, I don’t remember her ever growing anything to eat.

I always considered both of them gardeners.Today, I still totally agree with my dad. My husband is the critic in our family. He is the picky one, “I don’t like beets OR beet greens!” … “This lettuce tastes funny. Can we get some fresher?” (Whoever grew yummie lettuce in 95 degree heat of the summer? If you have and can, PLEASE comment below and let us ALL know how you did it!) “This cauliflower tastes like DIRT!” or the best, “This broccoli is way smaller than the ones from the grocery store!”

Mike Tippett of “Now Public” wrote a post about the difference between farming and gardening… “An interesting post from the Urban Farmer, one of the Vancouver Sun’s blogs. As a novice gardener I’m pretty easily impressed with my own mild victories in the backyard. But as Nick Read points out, growing is only half the battle when it comes to producing food for others.” Sometimes even your own family (emphasis mine).


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