Gardening: Ten Jobs for Over the Easter Break

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Fionnuala Fallon from irishtimes said that Late March/early April is an excellent time of the year to sow many different kinds of hardy annuals including pot marigolds (calendula); honeywort (cerinthe); bishop’s flower (ammi); love-in-a-mist (nigella); poached-egg plant (limnanthes); gypsophila; orlaya grandiflora; larkspur (consolida); and corn cockle (agrostemma).

As hardy annuals, all of these can technically be sown directly into their final growing position or into a well-prepared seed bed outdoors. But, with the exception of nigella (which dislikes being transplanted), I personally prefer to sow them into pots or cell trays under cover for transplanting outdoors in late spring.

In this way I can give them ideal conditions for optimum germination/growth, more easily protect their tender young leaves from slug damage and prevent the tiny seedlings from being overwhelmed by a flush of fast-growing, freshly-germinated weeds.


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