Gardening – It’s the top trend in gardening for 2021

By | Last Updated On: August 23, 2021 @ 12:07 am

Lynette from news-journalonline said that every year, surveys inform us on upcoming trends for the year ahead. Pantone (the publishing color experts) picks for 2021 showcase “hot” colors, such as Lemon Skin and Ultimate Gray, to use for everything from home furnishings to clothing to flowers we grow in our gardens.

And when it comes to gardening, there are surveys for that, too. That headline says it all. Of the top gardening trends for the coming year — gardening itself heads the list. Imagine that! Those of us who have been gardening for years lead the trend list. But we’ve got a lot more company now.

Many of us always knew we were ahead of the curve, but it is nice to see the recognition. What’s even nicer is the experience and confidence and results we gain every year we participate in one of the fastest-growing pastimes – its popularity is expanding by leaps and bounds.


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