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Sydney Eddison from newtownbee said that In 2005, I wrote a book called Gardens to Go: Creating and Designing a Container Garden. It is chockablock with color photographs by my friend Steve Silk, who has been honored for his work with two best portfolio awards by the Garden Writers Association of America.

Steve is also a passionate home gardener. During the summer we were working on that book, we both went overboard with tall canna lilies and tender shrubs, like Brugmansia from South America. Big plants like these demand big pots — 20 inches across and 18 inches deep, or half whiskey barrels, which measure 2 feet across by 18 inches deep. Invaluable for its tree-like proportions, Brugmansia ‘Charles Grimaldi’ dazzled us with the exotic perfume of its huge, downward flaring trumpet flowers.

In its native land, Brugmansia is pollinated by bats, thus the powerful scent of its blossoms does not develop until evening. But as the sun begins to set, an amazing thing happens. The drooping trumpets actually move, rising ever so slowly to admit pollinators drawn to the exotic perfume. While our Connecticut bats are immune to its charms, gardeners are blown away by the beauty of the flowers and by their wonderful fragrance.


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