Essential Gardening Jobs to Do in September

By | Last Updated On: September 12, 2021 @ 1:30 am

RACHEL EDWARDS from countryliving said that September is the perfect month to tackle some important gardening jobs that will protect your lawn, trees, and plants during the harsher winter months, and prepare your spring-flowering bulbs for next year. Make the most of the remaining warmth, and cross off a few of these tasks from your gardening checklist whilst the kids are back in school and you have more time for gardening.

To ensure you have a cheery and colourful garden come spring, plant your spring-flowering bulbs such as narcissi, crocus, and muscari between September and October, or a little later for your tulips, which are best planted between October and November. Now is the time to order trees and shrubs, as they will grow well next spring if planted this autumn, and for those with a fruit garden, don’t forget your strawberries, raspberries, and other berry fruits as these are best planted during their dormant season.

A summer garden will usually need a bit of a clear up before winter months. Store away your BBQs and paddling pools, and net ponds before leaf fall gets underway.


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