Does Spinach Have Iron Its an Excellent Source of Iron

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Spinach has lots of iron, it’s an iron-rich vegetable. Spinach is an iron-rich vegetable. This vegetable also contains other essential vitamin and minerals.

Paula Martinac form sfgate said that Your body needs the mineral iron to carry oxygen throughout the body via your red blood cells. This process helps the cells produce energy to run all your bodily functions

You get heme iron from animal foods and nonheme iron from plant foods like spinach. Cooked spinach delivers significantly more iron than raw. But because nonheme iron doesn’t absorb as well as heme, you need to maximize the iron a serving of spinach provides.

Women aged 51 and older and adult men of all ages need 8 milligrams of iron daily, while women from 19 to 50 require 18 milligrams. In their childbearing years, girls and women are particularly susceptible to iron deficiency because of their monthly periods.

Spinach is famously a good source of iron, but you’re better off eating it cooked. A half-cup of cooked spinach – the serving size for all cooked vegetables – supplies 3 milligrams of iron. That’s 38 percent of what men and older women need, and 17 percent of younger women’s requirements. Compare that to a cup of raw spinach – the serving for raw veggies – which offers just 1 milligram of iron. For men and older women, that’s a full 13 percent of what they need; but for younger women, it’s only 6 percent.


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