Do Grizzly Bears Climb Trees – How Can They Do

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pestshero said that Grizzly bears can be identified because of their dish-shaped face, small ears, and a big hump on their back.

These majestic beasts are amazing and highly adaptable animals, but their size, behavior, and strength can be overwhelming for humans, especially if you encounter one.

While these rendezvous are not common, here are a couple of things you might want to know in case you encounter a grizzly bear and are considering climbing a tree to get away from one.

Grizzlies do a couple of more things than just scratch their back on the trunk of a tree, like climbing them. For years, people have thought that grizzly bears cannot climb trees, but the truth is grizzly bears can climb trees. Of course, it is not something they are naturally good at, like black bears, because their anatomy, size, weight, and habitats do not require them to be.

A simple comparison between black bears, which can climb up to 15 meters per second, and grizzlies would point out four major factors that prove why they are such poor climbers:


George Nathan from quora also said that Grizzly bears can climb trees. That said, it is not the grizzly’s preferred way of dealing with problems. Unlike the black bear, which is a natural climber and uses climbing as a standard strategy such as for going after a camper’s food bag, the grizzly will use other methods. An intrusive black bear might be chased up a tree with a grizzly following. However, the grizzly’s weight makes climbing more difficult as well as making it difficult to find a branch strong enough to rest on.

Hikers are often given the advice not to climb a tree to avoid a black bear. That is true. However black bears are normally not interested in humans in or out of trees, assuming nothing has been done to provoke them. Climbing a tree to avoid a grizzly does work. Still, a grizzly can reach up about 11 feet without doing any climbing. Normally, an unprovoked grizzly will be satisfied to have a human treed without climbing up after them.

Todd Amanda Jones from quora also said that I’ve seen 300+ pound black bear go up a tree faster than any human could climb. So when people tell me that full grown black bear can’t climb trees, I tend not to believe them. Grizzly are physically bigger than black bear. They are prolific climbers when young, but once they start to get big, it becomes harder for them. They eventually weigh too much for the tree limbs to support their weight. That’s not to say that a “motivated” big grizzly won’t try to climb one. It would usually be to get to food, or to pursue someone/something that has enraged or challenged it. A big Grizzly doesn’t fear any creature enough to make it climb a tree for safety. Small grizzly bear fear big grizzly’s as mature males will eat juvenile males. They do this to keep them from living in, and taking over their territory.


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