How to Treat Common Houseplants Plant Pests and Fungus

By | Last Updated On: April 7, 2021 @ 1:56 am

Patrick Honan from said that While a plague of pests and fungus can make short work of your indoor plant collection, there’s no need to panic.

“If you have a collection of indoor plants it’s almost guaranteed you’ll get something,” says Craig Miller-Randle, a Gardening Australia guest presenter and indoor plant enthusiast.

Being observant will help you catch problems early and treat them before they get out of hand.

Mealybugs are small, parasitic insects that look like little balls of fluff. They tend to congregate on the underside of leaves and where the leaves join the stem. They can pile on top of each other forming thick infestations, and their egg masses look like little white clouds. They suck your plants’ sap, stunting growth.


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