Backyard Garden Can Combat Climate Change

By | Last Updated On: August 19, 2021 @ 1:05 am

Steph Coelho form bobvila said that During a climate change emergency—and global pandemic—nurturing plants from seed to food allows people to contribute to efforts that seem largely out of reach. The desire to garden during bad times isn’t unique to the Covid-19 pandemic. During World Wars I and II, governments encouraged their citizens to plant wartime gardens, also known as victory gardens.

In 2020, as pandemic lockdowns began, seed sellers and garden stores quickly sold out of seeds, soil, and other gardening gear. Interest in growing food at home was so intense that some seed sellers had no choice but to stop taking orders, hire additional employees, or delay their shipments. During the Covid-19 pandemic, victory gardens have sprung up anew in yards across North America. More people have become interested in growing their own food because of worries surrounding food insecurity and the impacts of climate change. Here’s how to turn your backyard garden into a climate change victory garden.


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