A Gardening Contradiction That Works

By | Last Updated On: August 30, 2021 @ 1:56 am

Mark and Ben Cullen from saultstar said that Of all the families in the plant world, none produce as many blank stares as “deciduous evergreen”. Deciduous means that a plant has leaves that are broad and fall off come autumn. And evergreen means that the foliage stays put.

Fact is, there are some wonderful plants in this category, which is sometimes referred to as broadleaf evergreen. There are several that we highly recommend. Here are our favourites:

Their vertical inclination is not a negative aspect of the plant as it does not grow fast, as a Boston Ivy or Virginia Creeper does. The growth of euonymus is more purposeful, giving you the opportunity to cut it back before it takes over your castle.

Florists use euonymus as a great addition to most flower arrangements.


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