Gardening in November: Its Winter! Have Things to Do!

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The garden is frozen.

No, it’s not!

Still, you have things to do in your garden. Your plants may not be left to get frozen; they are not just plants. They are your family. They also breathe.

Also, there are some winter works like planting some bulbs, and have to give some extra care to the late-planted seeds.

Winter starts don’t mean gardening tasks are over. In winter, your garden needs more attention than other seasons. Otherwise, after winter, it may be like you need to start everything again.

November gardening may seem a little harder. But with proper direction, no task is hard. I just need to pay attention and follow the tips as instructed.

Below here, you will find the information you need about November gardening along with some regional variations as winter comes differently in different regions.

Common attentions every garden need

May different regions have a difference in the types of their winter, but in every place, there are some everyday cum general tasks to do in the garden.

Winter freezes! So, common things must have to be followed as soon as possible. They are:

  1. First, start collecting the dead leaves, those are perfect stuff to make your compost pile ready.
  2. Make sure your compost pile is covered.
  3. Within this time, make sure your garden is fully winterized before it gets too late.
  4. Good time to sow your pre-chilled winter bulbs.
  5. Time to add some nutrients like organic manure to your garden beds.
  6. Winter may kill your greens, but weeds remain with a clear view at this time also. So, cleaning weeds would be easier. Clean it up.
  7. Keep watering regularly. In winter, there must be snow, but the ground remains dry. So, your fall crops need some care.
  8. Get your tools ready.

Works with the indoor plants

Winter doesn’t affect the indoor plants that much. But, because of the increasing and decreasing of daytime indoor ones also need some extra care. Steps with the indoors are:

  1. Always keep a check that your plants are getting water, air, and light as much as they need.
  2. Remember to keep your plants free from mite infestation. Keep an eye on them.
  3. Keep eyes on your plants are getting the light because they make their food with it.

Work’s in areas that get frozen

In the areas that get frozen in winter, you may get some extra tasks to do. Most of the area of the country freezes as hell. So, the measures to take are:

  1. There are some veggies that can also grow when it is frozen, so continue to improve them like carrots, kales, claytonia, etc.
  2. Tie a stick with your rose plant so it can stand still in the hard wind.
  3. Keep your garden clean.
  4. Keep the watering process continuous in your garden before the ground entirely freezes.
  5. Make sure your greens are protected from the wild animals by fencing around them.
  6. Keep eyes that the voles don’t do any harm to your plants by piling up some dried leaves and other dried garden waste around the trees.
  7. Make sure the hoses are clean.

Works in areas that don’t freeze

Some places are there where winter comes but don’t freeze. So, doing gardening activities are quite easier in those places. South part of California and Florida are the places where it never freezes. Steps are:

  1. Time to divide the weeds from the plants.
  2. A better time to plant flowers like roses, camellias, etc.
  3. Planting some tropical fruit trees may give a better result.
  4. In this time of winter, flowering trees start dropping their blossoms. So, the perfect time for trimming.
  5. The growing process of fall season veggies can be continued.
  6. Sowing some Wildflower can add more beauty to your garden.
  7. Keep your plants in a continuous caring and look if there is any mite infestation.

Things to do in the Southeast, Southwest and Northwestern borderline regions

The winter gardening tasks in the borderline parts are quite different. In all countries, the border areas weather is quite different, so as in our country. Thus, jobs to do are:

  1. Planting some winter veggies may give a better result.
  2. If you are expecting some asparagus, then cut off the older yellowed tops.
  3. Enough time is in your hands to plant some cover crops.
  4. Keep in mind to protect your plants by covering them because it can freeze any time.
  5. Be aware of snails; they can damage the leaves.
  6. Especially for the southeast region, leaves may get infested by Cankerworms and others.

Finally, if you have any intent to buy a Christmas tree this winter, dig a hole now before the ground entirely freezes, and don’t forget to cover it.

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