How to Cut Green Onions Do It Like an Expert Chef

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Green onions are also known as scallions they’re actually a cultivar of the onion family, and they don’t actually produce a bulb.

They’ve been primed to never produce a bulb. So, they have little tiny roots that’ll form on the white end middle of body lighter green area, and then they have the tubular greens on the end.

Today I’m going to show you how to cut and get some really nice diced green onions but first, you have to do a couple of things to make sure you get the top quality that you’re looking for a diced green onion.

Step to Follow

First Step


At first, you want to do is give your green onions a good wash under cold running water making sure to remove any of the grip, soil or sand that might be still inside the root end or in this part from the farmer’s field.

how-to-cut-green-onionWhen you hold the knife, make sure you hold it properly and when you slicing the green onion try to do it from the middle or bottom of the knife.

Second Step

how-to-cut-green-onionThen what you have to do is make sure you have got all the cruddy stuff off of there some of these will start to flatten out or look a little dry they’ve got bent or broken ends so you need to go through and just pull that stuff away.

how-to-cut-green-onionThe next thing you want to do even though the roots have been washed and you could technically eat these they’re not very Ted they’re not very tasty so what you are going to want to do is you need to line these all up and make one cut to cut all these off.

You need to do is trim the ends by trimming the root end off and you want to stay as close as you can to the room without removing too much of the white part.

Final Step

how-to-cut-green-onionThe last thing you’re going to want to do before you start slicing up your green onion is the lineup.

The onion again on the backside and look for the most common starting point which would be right about here on the bunch of onions.

how-to-cut-green-onionBasically, what that does is it starts you off with nice even cuts moving backward and towards the white pin white part of the onion.

When you start the cuts, you want to stabilize all the shoots you want to have as tight as possible and you want to make sure that your knife cut goes all the way through.


That’s really important that you have a sharp knife so before we started this today, I made sure that my knife was honed down and put on to the steel so that we could get a nice true cut.

Additional Tips

how-to-cut-green-onionI’m just gonna show you an additional tip for using green onions if you’re making a veggie platter you can just take let’s just take one green onion and what you need to do is I’m gonna slit horizontally.

how-to-cut-green-onionThis just as a different appeal to your veggie platter or whatever you’re going to be serving this with its only for looks and you know we eat with our eyes.

Uses of Green Onion

Basically, that’s going to sever those green shoots nice and cleanly so that when you’re all done you don’t have anything that looked like they’re hooked together these are all dry.

Now that you have got the onions all diced up and ready to go into your dish there’s a couple of things that you can do.

The green onions are really great on salads and especially people use them in fried rice. Usually, at the beginning of the dish go in with the white onions stir-fry that with the garlic and the ginger and all the other vegetables maybe a pineapple fried rice.

Then just before the rice is done, we go in with the green onions and that creates a huge bouquet of aroma that nice green onions smell combined with the peppers the onions, and in this case may be a pineapple.

Excellent flavor it really live-ins up a dish and makes it nice and bright and really melds well with the other flavors going on you.


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