Ice Plants Caring and Everything to Know About

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More like daisies, but are succulents, grows happily in winter, the botanical name is Lampranthus, and they are called ice plants.

They are found in several varieties. Some of them are low growing ones which spread in the ground, and some of them are like bushes.

Lampranthus belongs to the genus of succulents. More than 150 species of them are found in southern Africa. They are plants in which you have to work less as they grow easily in any weather.

Their leaves grow in twins in a triangular shape. They are one of the shortest variety of succulents found. Their flowers almost look like daisies and can be various in colors like red, dark pink, orange, etc.

Lampranthus plants have a beautiful meaning of their name. Their name came from Greek words and means “bright flower” as they are.

This was a basic introduction to the ice plants. Now, it is time to know more about them.

Known name

Botanically they are known as Lampranthus. Their native name is ice plants. There is a very confusing thing about them, and it is their name.

Locals call many of the variety of plants as ice plants, so it may fall you in confusion to determine an individual, so it is better to call them by their botanical name.

USDA Hardiness

They may name as ice plants, but they do not grow in ice actually. Hardiness varies on their species. Most of them only can survive in USDA hardiness zones 8-10. In extreme cold, they get rotten.


Ice plants are sun-loving plants. They love to grow in full sunlight.

Plant Size

They are spreaders. They spread until they die. In height, they can grow 2 feet long, especially the bush varieties.

Blooming time

They bloom best in the spring. Some of their varieties also bloom in summer too.

Some of their varieties

Some of the beautiful varieties of Lampranthus are:

    • Lampranthus howarthii: They are the ones with pink and purple flowers and blue-green leaves on them.


    • Lampranthus spectabilis: They are a whitish variety of this plant. They are very slow-growing ones.



    • Lampranthus coccineus: They are the bright red variety of this plant. Very beautiful and mesmerizing they are.



    • Lampranthus aurantiacus: They became bright orange with the center of yellow and grows up to 60cm.


Some decorative ideas

As ice plants are spreading ones, they can add some more beauty to your yard also in the walls. You can also plant them in pots and hang them, so the plants grow best. In a word, they look beautiful everywhere.

How to grow and care for it

Those plants are very easy to grow, and you need to work very less on them. To grow them:

Check the soil

When planting any plant, checking the soil Ph is very important. These ice plants require a neutral Ph level. As it is succulent, it needs to be planted on well-drained sandy soil. In the wet soil, these plants can get rotten quickly.

Prepare the plant

As they are succulents, they can be grown from cuttings also from the seeds. Growing from cutting is the best option as it is the quickest way.

Cut 4-6 inches shoot from your earlier planted plants. Remove all the leaves except for the ones in the head. Leave them overnight.

Plant it

Take the overnight left shoots and plant them in soil or containers. Keep watering regularly. Not more, not less. After a few days, they will grow roots.

Care it

These plants don’t need so much water supply as they are able to tolerate drought. In summer, keep on watering regularly. In winter, only water when the soil is dry.

Keep them fertilizing and use dormant to save them from pests.


These plants can face hard situations, but they face hard times sometimes during the season change and get attacked by bugs and other insects.

To conclude, these plants are ideal for growing in your fall garden in the container. So, keep planting them and enjoy the ultimate beauty of nature. Never go for their names. They may be called ice plants, but they can’t tolerate cold, so mind it.

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