Best Plants for Kids: To Grow Safely with Fun

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Garden is the place where the kids can get connected to nature. We humans, for our own sake, entirely depended on nature.

Also, for our own needs, we are destroying nature. Nature includes many things, but if we say what the ATOM of nature is? The answer will be the trees.

Trees do not give life but give life to the living ones. Day by day, the number of plants is getting reduced. It’s not like we are destroying trees without knowing the result.

We have nothing to do, sometimes unwillingly we have to harm trees as we cannot live only depended on the trees. We also need food, home, and work to live.

As the number of us is rising tremendously, we have no other way but cutting trees to get lands. To live, we have no other way but destroying.

It’s terrible that we are doing such things, but now it is time for us to think about our backup plans. The backup plan is to give nature back what we have snatched from her.

And the only way to pay back nature is to plant more and more trees and raise awareness among the next generation.

Make them know about the importance of plants and make them habituated to grow plants from a very early age.

So, after a decade again, our mother nature becomes powerful enough to give us our life source continuously, and the human race doesn’t run out of Oxygen.

To raise kids’ interest to grow plant

Kids are the masters of their own will. It is not possible to make the kids do what they do not like to do. When the task is gardening, there are some things to keep eyes on, so they become interested. They are:

Make things fun

Kids are always the fun-loving ones. They love to do what they get fun. In this case, choose the plants with variant colors, different tastes, and different shapes.

Select easy growing ones

Not all plants grow easily. Some plants take more time and effort to grow properly. The kids don’t live in reality like us; they have their world of imagination. In their world, there happened everything easily. So, choose plants that grow easily and gives the result faster.

Relate with their lessons

Don’t just make the kids plant and grow the plants. Relate their work with their immature mind’s lessons. Let them know how plants relate to nature and life and make them know the importance of the plants. Give them related knowledge about plants by relating them with science in a funny manner.

Choose the safe ones

Kids are very sensitive. Not all the plants suit them. Some of the plants can be allergenic and dangerous for the kids. So only choose the plant that is safe for them.

Our suggestions

Hens and chicks

These are beautiful perennials and grows very easily in hardy areas. They can be grown almost everywhere. These plants are scientifically named as Sempervivum Tectorum.

They are not so big. They only grow the height of 4 inches. They are succulents and easy to grow in full sunlight or partial shade.

The most interesting thing which will attract the kids is its color and name. The local name of this one is Hens and Chicks.

The name has meaning; the mother plants which is going to be planted are called the Hen, and later, which shoots it grow refers to the chicks.

These plants are very easy to grow that only you have to do, pluck the newly grown shoots off and place them somewhere else, and it will grow itself. They grow in hardiness zones 3 to 11.

Elephant ears

elephant-earnother very interestingly named plant. It’s named according to their looks. They have big leaves on them and grows up to 2-3 feet high.

The scientific name of the plant is Colocasia Esculenta. These are tropical plants and looks better in banks of the water source of the garden.

They grow better in the hardiness zones 8 to 10. As they are tropical plants, they grow better in full sunlight. In the winter, they need to remain indoors.

This plant needs regular irrigation in the summer. They are normal looking plants and easy to grow almost anywhere indoors or outdoors.

French Marigolds

They are beauties with variant colors and impressive looks that are perfect to attract kids. The scientific name of this plant is Tagetes Patula.

These plants grow directly from seeds. They grow up to 5 to 18 feet in height. These are sun-loving flowers they grow better in full sunlight.

Commonly Marigolds are found in yellow colors. They also have color variants of bright orange with yellow borders and Mahogany.

These plants have herbal values. They help keep pests of other plants reach out. They are cold-loving hardy flowers.

They grow in hardiness zones 2 to 11 easily depended on the cold. Its good to plant them beside cucumber plants as they keep the cucumber beetles away.


These plants are biennials. Biennials mean the perennials which live a short life. They grow better in hardiness zones 4 to 10.

The scientific name of this flower is Alcea Rosea. They have an extraordinarily beautiful look to impress kids with their beauty.

They can grow up to 6 feet tall and lives for a short lifetime. As they live for a short lifetime, they don’t take a long time to grow.

One issue with them is, they can grow easily from the seeds, but they take almost a year to produce flowers.

Their attractive looks attract butterflies and other beautiful creatures very much. They can grow in full sunlight. As they are straight growing plants, it is better to grow them beside garden fences to protect them from heavy wind.

Pitcher plant

As their name as they are. These are one of the many varieties of pitcher plants with a beautiful pitcher like shape and color combination of violet and white.

They funny scientific name of this plant is Sarracenia Purpurea. They grow better in hardiness zones 3 to 7. Not only the flowers but the leaves of this plant have impressive looks.

These plants grow up to 20 inches tall and with their pitcher like funny shape perfect to attract the kiddies. They love to have a full sunbath, also love to be in wet soil.

With these plants, the kids can be easily taught to water plants regularly. The perfect place to plant these plants is beside any water feature that your garden has.

These plants help the kids to know the disciplines of nature.


violetshe violet beauties with the combination of the white and yellow center. These are dwarf type perennials that grow better in hardiness zones 3 to 9.

These plants have two different varieties of American Violets and African Violets. American Violet’s scientific name is Viola spp. And the African one’s name is Saintpaulia spp.

As both of the varieties are commonly known as Violets, so to be free of confusion, it is better to use their scientific names.

These plants are suitable for kids as they are edible. Yes, kids can have them. And also, these plants grow so easily and faster as they are weed-like ones.

They are suitable plants to grow in full sunlight or partial shade. It can easily mix up with other garden weeds.

Big Leaf Hydrangea

A variety of Hydrangea with big green leaves. The flowers of these plants grow in a bunch and with a beautiful variety of colors.

The scientific name of this plant is Hydrangea Macrophylla. These flowers have an interesting fact that the kids will love.

The fact is, only by adjusting the Ph level of the soil, the color of the flower to blue, purple, and pink of these plants can be changed, which will be a very interesting thing for the kids.

They are best to grow in hardiness zones 5 to 9. They grow better in partial shade. The most popular color of the flower of this plant is blue.

They can grow up to 2-3 feet in height and width. These are beautiful and interesting ones to grow.

Silver Dollar Plants

Named by their look an easy to grow kind of biennial. They have a border of brown, and the center has a shiny silver texture.

These are scientifically named as Lunaria Annua. They grow better in hardiness zones 4 to 8. These plants less like plants more like ornaments.

These plants are better to be planted in partially shaded areas. They grow up to 2 to 3 feet of height. One problem with this plant is, they are invasive in type.

These plants can spread easily from the seeds they grow. They grow fast, so you have to keep eyes on if you do not want them to invade your garden.

The seeds they drop can be collected to make other crafty things.

Lamb’s ear

These are one of the types of perennials and quite easy to grow. They are named funnily like this because of their looks.

Their texture is almost like a lamb’s ear. They are scientifically known as Stachys Byzantina. They can be grown in hardiness zones 4 to 7.

They are light-loving plants and can easily be grown in full sunlight. These plants can grow from 12 to 18 inches in height.

The spread very fast and works as a cover for the ground because of their thick leaves. They do not need much water to grow as they are drought resistant plants.

Deer’s do not like to have them. So, they are deer resistant also. Their fuzzy look and funny name are very much able to attract the children.

Red Hot Poker Plant

These are beauties with a catchy color combination. They can be the dream plants of the kids. In a word, they are the most beautiful combination of red and yellow.

The scientific name of these plants is Kniphofia. They are unusual types of flowers. They can be easily grown in hardiness zones 6 to 9.

They are summer-loving plants and can grow easily in full sunlight. They are unable to live in much cold. Their shape is quite spiky kind of, and they also have floral stems.

When the flower on them starts to bloom, they can grow up to 2 feet tall. They are the ones which type of flowers the kids dream in their imagination.

There are many more plants that can be listed here. If we list all, then the article will not end anymore. The plants that are safest, moderate, and beautiful are listed here.

To make the gardening more interesting, you can plant something matched with the kid’s name like Rose, Dahlia, Lily, and many more.

When the plant’s name matches with the kid’s name, he or she will feel more interested in being on the garden. Mostly the flower’s name is followed by the girl’s name.

If your kid is a boy, then find something matches his name. Don’t make things hard for the kids that they lose interest over it.

Kids like things that are easy and funny. You add some knowledge with the fun, and gardening will be a perfect package for your kid.

Note: Whatever you choose for your kid, make sure that it is safe for him or her because safety comes first. Kids are very much attracted to colors that are bright and textures that are interesting. And you make sure that what they are attracted to is fully safe for them. Some bright colored flowers and insects are very much intoxicated.

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