About Us

Who we are

Gardenhubs, a place of the specialists to help our readers with their issues related to indoor or outdoor gardening and garden décor ideas.

Here we share the very personal experience of our writers through words, so our readers can get benefitted. Not only some ideas we share but also every gardening related issue we try to cover.

To make sure the information we share on our site are 100% authentic, we hold a team of writers having years of experience in gardening and certified knowledge about what they say.

The garden décor experts only who achieved institutional and field level practical experience of mentionable time work for us.

As gardening is not something to start and finish, and also a little mistake can make a significant loss in the garden, we just try to be sure what we suggest.

Why we are

That’s a big question which must raise in your mind. And, we have the answer, a very straight answer!

We are here so help our readers and promote the idea of gardening. We surely know and believe; trees and plants make the garden and also gives us life.

Day by day, the number of them is decreasing, which is a big threat to mankind. We think those who are concerned about this matter and have a love for plants are the saviors of humanity.

Our goal is to help those saviors whenever they face problems in their garden with any issue. We also introduce the newest of gardening tips and tricks, and decorative ideas to make the garden more beautiful one.

Our writers

We have the finest and most experienced in their field of gardening who share their practical gardening knowledge, tips, and tricks here.

Certified and awarded people are only at our list. So, we can make sure that every black word on our site is correct and measured one.

Let’s introduce them:

Katie L. Brown

Here’s Katie, the most experienced of our writers and the founder-editor of Gardenhubs. She has years of experience in gardening along with international awards.

She is not the one who shares her experience of reading, but she worked on different nurseries and also in her own land to know all tips and tricks about gardening.

She belongs to the State of Nebraska, which is a state of agriculture and hills. So, naturally, she is fond of the garden. She is committed to giving everything she knows only for our readers.

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